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Internet Marketing Optimization Company

The Internet has become the most powerful marketing tool in the world. It doesn’t matter if one has a local, national or global presence. It has nothing to do with being a small, medium or enormous entity in the marketplace. Even the most established and long standing corporation cannot afford to disregard the impact of web marketing in Toronto on business and CRM.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing Inc. is a global online marketing solution. As a full service Internet marketing optimization company, we use clean, white hat strategies to maximize your Internet presence. We have a series of professionals on staff ready to comb through your business’s current web presence. They will analyze everything, from your site to your ranking in search engines, links,keyword usage and more. This information will be carefully reviewed with you and utilized to optimize search engine results; clean your site of detrimental material, even if that entails redesign or a whole new site; compiling analytics; and taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools available on the web today: social media marketing.

Successful and powerful web marketing optimization in Toronto drives traffic to your business. It builds a customer base and loyalty. It should drive traffic to your site by using well-built links that put you at the top of searches. It contains SEO rich, non-duplicate content. That’s a delicate balance in the world of Penguin and Panda, which can arbitrarily penalize you without your knowing why.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing knows online marketing is an incredibly effective ally in growing a business. It is also detailed, time consuming work. It requires a skill set that is beyond most of our capabilities. On top of that, one should be running their business. We have the tools and services that can let you get back to running the business.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing can help you implement smart web marketing in Toronto, focusing on web design, e-commerce and branding. Read More.

SEO: A Good Search Engine Optimization Company

Landing on page 3 of a Google search is not good for business. Studies have shown that the average consumer uses one of the first three hits. They rarely go beyond the first page.

Search engine marketing is a critical component to strengthening your presence on the Internet. It should be organic. Some SEO companies believe that using a keyword 18 times maximizes your ranking. It does not. Only SEO services, such as original, well-written content and appropriate well-built links, can do that. Only an established SEO company like Powerhouse Internet Marketing in Toronto, Canada, can help you achieve that goal.

To get a better understanding of engine ranking and targeted keywords, feel free to read “How to Improve Your Ranking through Search Engine Optimization.” It provides ready and easy to implement search marketing solutions for quick and effective improvement of your site.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing in Toronto, Canada, is ready to help you with your SEO needs.

Pay Per Click (PPC) in Toronto

Pay per click programs are a great means for the creation of ads and targeting specific keywords. It’s an online advertising model where payment is based on qualifying click-throughs. We use a well-developed campaign and analysis to create a list of keyword phrases relevant to your business. With the right keyword phrasing, users visit your site, motivated to buy or request information.

Any business with a presence on the web should use PPC in Canada. It will significantly increase traffic to your website.

To learn more about PPC in Toronto, Canada, take a look at our PPC Methodology and see how Powerhouse Internet Marketing can advise you on complex search engine advertising.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of Internet data. That data is used to understand and optimize web usage. We at Powerhouse Internet Marketing understand how this impacts on website promotion. Of the many analytic tools available, few offer the proper advisement on how to employ them effectively. Well use on site and off site web analytics to pinpoint the measures and strategies you will need to estimate traffic, popularity trends and how you can take advantage of these to create traffic and revenue for your business. We can uncover, discuss and train how to use these statistics to economically manage your business.

We have an Analytics Methodology that better discusses how this works coupled with the consultation of Powerhouse Internet Marketing. There also our Analytics and Conversion Optimization Services which describes how well assist you with ROI calculations and traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The ultimate goal of a business is positive performance aligned with the bottom line.

Conversions have a direct correlation to the bottom line. They affect business goals, including leads and sales. The website is an extraordinary tool for gaining conversions. It should be an encouraging and influential environment, inviting loyalty, mailing list sign-ups, requests for the official newsletter and catalogs, and strengthening the brand. It should impress enough to prompt customer recommendation to friends and family. It should have a positive impact on future sales.

Conversion rate optimization will improve your websites potential for turning visitors into customers. We at Powerhouse Internet Marketing will do thorough testing and analytics to reveal visitor paths, focal points and specific site clicks and use them to maximize your conversation rate.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

If the Internet has become the most powerful marketing tool in the world, social media has become one of the most powerful methods for making the most of it.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing has studied how the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become one of the best avenues to expand brand loyalty. Theres no better way to build a customer base than with direct and clever positioning in the customer community itself. Theres no better way to promote your product or service, to present a new service or product or to hear what your customers are thinking than social media. Videos, announcements, sales and coupons, get the latest information to your target base instantaneously and know what they are thinking right away.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing can develop well defined strategies that will expand your visibility through social media. A strong social media presence has shown solid increases in sales, profits and customer loyalty.

SEO Web Design/Architecture

SEO design and web design are two different platforms. The typical service can create a useable, pretty site using AJAX, Flash and a content management system. It will do its job. But the designer shouldn’t stop there. The best site is designed with SEO in mind. Your SEO rich website will implement techniques for search engine optimization. An SEO site will be rich with original, non-duplicate content thats distinctive from the competition. Duplicate content is the death of engine searches. So many vendors simply use the text supplied by the manufacturer. So that exciting new product is described word-for-word like the competition. You both end up getting the hit in the search engine and it uses other variables to decide who comes out on top.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing can make sure all the variables are there to make you come out on top. Powerhouse Internet Marketing wants to design you a race car among websites. Well task our team of engineers to develop concepts that will put your website at the forefront of the race to the top of search engines. A properly designed site is the key to reaching new customers and building your business.

Please review our Siloing Architecture Services page to see how Powerhouse Internet Marketing can assist you with SEO web design and architecture.