3 Considerations for New Website Development

Website Development

Does your website need a new website? If so, you’re probably shopping around for website development companies who can give you exactly what you need. But hold on – now’s the perfect time to optimize your website for some of marketing’s most current and most important trends. Here are 3 points of focus for your new website.

1) SEO Capability

Search engine optimization starts with the basic web code behind your site. When developing a new site, you’ll want to make sure that basic things like including keywords in your CSS sheets are well taken care of. Also, keep a prominent space for a blog, which is a central part of increasing your SEO. Not only do blogs offer a great way to hone in on keywords you want to rank for, they also prompt search engines like Google to re-scan ("crawl") your site and reconsider their rankings each time a new post is published.

2) Inbound Focus

Website DevelopmentIn today’s digital marketing environment, you should absolutely have an inbound-focused website. Inbound marketing is a philosophy that everything should focus on your website, where users can sign up to learn more or get discounts in exchange for their information. That information is then used to market more specifically to them, nurturing them until they become customers. When developing a new website, that means you should feature forms and calls to actions to these forms throughout your various pages.

3) Responsiveness

Web developers have preached the importance of responsive design for over a year, but with Google’s "Mobilegeddon" announcement the theory is becoming reality. Google will now punish websites that don’t "respond" to the device or screen size used to view them, making responsive design an absolute must if you want your website to be found easily.

Does your website include these three points of focus? If not, it may be time for an update. Contact us to see your options!

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