3 SEO Tips and Tricks: Keywords, Brevity and Subdivisions


SEO-tips-and-tricksIt doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a novel, a magazine article or a blog on the internet. The basics of good writing are the same. You can take these basics and alter them a little bit, depending on what medium you’re writing for. When you’re writing a novel, for example, it’s normal to divide it into chapters and into “book 1,” “book 2” etc. When you’re writing a magazine article, you’ll generally just have a title and the body of the article, usually accompanied by an image. When you’re writing for the internet, you might have to use keywords, be brief, and divide into subheadings. Here are a few SEO tips and tricks which will result in more hits for your article or blog post:

  1. Keywords.

    A lot has already been said about the importance of keywords when it comes to writing for the internet. When the keyword craze was going on, people would just cram their articles with keywords and ignore all the other elements of good writing. Fortunately, search engines wised up to this technique and you can’t use it anymore. Still, it’s a good idea to repeat your keyword 3-4 times in a 500 word article. Plus, it’s also a good idea to use keyword variety i.e., to use a few different keywords related to your topic within your article. For example, if your keyword is “digital marketing,” you could also use keywords like “internet marketing,” “digital advertising,” “digital strategy,” “web development” etc.

  2. Being Concise.

    SEO-tips-and-tricksWriting for the internet is not like writing for a magazine or writing a novel. You can’t have pages and pages of information about something. You have to write in bite-sized chunks of 400-500 words. This is about as much as an average person browsing the internet will be able to take in at one time. You need to keep in mind that people usually browse the internet while sitting on a straight-backed chair in front of a computer. When they’re reading a magazine or a novel, they’re probably sitting on an armchair or lying in bed. As a result, their concentration is greater when they’re reading something in print as opposed to online.

  3. Subdivisions.

    Now we come to the holy grail of SEO. You may have noticed that this article that you’re reading consists of an introduction and a list consisting of three points. There’s no explaining it but people on the internet love lists. They can be short lists consisting of just three points or long ones consisting of ten. They also love bullet points and generally appreciate the subdivision of an article into various parts. This allows the reader to skim through the headings and decide if they want to read the whole article, read it in parts or skip it altogether. The convenience of the reader is key when it comes to SEO.

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