3 Tips for Improving the Quality of Your SEO Content

SEO Content

When developing content for SEO, quality is of the utmost importance. Since 2011, when Google rolled out its first version of Panda, sites with thin content have been penalized. Today, Google’s algorithm seeks to reward sites with high-quality content and penalize those with poor content. Here are three ways to ensure that your site’s SEO content is great and will not be penalized for containing little information.

Write Long Content

Google rewards long content, because it contains more details than short pieces. A study conducted by SerpIQ found that the top 10 results in Google’s search engine pages averaged more than 2,000 words. While you might be able to write a short, concise post, fleshing it out with more details and examples will ensure it has quality information for readers.

Incorporate Statistics

SEO ContentIf you don’t know how to increase your content’s length, look for a relevant statistic to talk about. Incorporating statistics into your content both validates your claims and adds valuable information to your pieces. You should always link to the sources you use, as this shows both readers and search engines that you are drawing from quality sites.

Include Pictures and Videos

Content is more than just words. It includes pictures and videos. Adding relevant visuals to your website’s pages will complement the written content they already have. Google cannot view images and videos as well as it can analyze text, but adding titles and captions will help the search engine identify the visual content.

By increasing the length of your content, incorporating statistics, and including pictures and videos, you can increase the quality of your content. For more ways to improve your content so that it will rank well in Google’s results, contact us.

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