3 Tips for Using Twitter to Generate Revenue for Your Business

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Using social media to benefit your business is a great way to expand your marketing base for very little investment costs. Twitter is an ideal tool that you can leverage for these purposes due to its real-time interaction and consumptive audience. This article will help you out by focusing on three ways you can use Twitter to benefit your company:

Be Active

The most important thing to do is to be active on Twitter. If you are not posting regularly for your Twitter followers to see and read, then the medium will never work for you. Once you start using Twitter regularly you can start to focus your conversations towards business. One good conversation to start is to reply to someone who is discussing a topic related to your business. If you are an accountant and you see someone complaining about their taxes, you might want to reply to them with a statement about how you can make the process better. You are offering that person an answer for a problem they might have, which could bring them to your business. Others will be able to see that interaction as well and may be intrigued by your offer as well.

Utilize Questions

Tips for Using TwitterAnother conversation to start is to ask others to reply to you on Twitter about a specific topic regarding your business. Maybe you ask what people dislike about doing their taxes every year and then you can respond to their issues with how you can help alleviate that issue. It is basically the same thing as above, but you are initiating the conversation instead of just searching for a topic that fits your business. Offer something concrete in the conversation. If you get into a conversation that pertains to your business, tell the person what you are willing to do in order to get their business. Maybe you can offer some sort of discount on the service or product just for that person.

Giveaway Valuable Freebies

A really good option is to set up an appointment for a free consultation or some type of meeting where you can actually take the conversation from the virtual world into the real world. If you can make this happen, there is a much, much higher probability of gaining a new client or making a sale. Remember, you must start with regular posts. If you do not put in that little bit of work, then social media will not help you.

Once you are posting, look for, or ask for, issues and problems from people that you believe you can help solve. If at all possible, attempt to move the conversation to a more substantial venue, like to email and then from there into a phone call or meeting, where you can have more in depth discussions and make a sale.

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