3 Trends That Are Changing Internet Marketing

Internet-Marketing If we had to describe Internet marketing in one word, it would be dynamic. There are always new trends which dictate how businesses approach social media and other platforms. But right now, the strategies employed by marketing companies like The Marketing Heaven in the social media space have one of the highest success rates. Notwithstanding, here are three of the most important developments affecting Internet marketing today.

Videos are dominating content marketing

You’ve probably heard of content marketing — the practice of investing in content creation to establish a credible brand reputation and increase your page rank on search engines — over the past year. Although text is more important when it comes to your search engine optimization, video has been more effective in terms of engaging consumers. As a result, businesses are allocating more of their resources to video content. According to a recent Forbes article, many of them are doing so with the goal of engaging millennials:
“With video dominating content marketing, 64% of budgets are moving towards video content.  Brands are willing to spend more and more on video, especially if they are targeting millennials, and if its millennials they’re after, that budget is going towards mobile platform spends.”

Social media is more about follower engagement than sales

Internet-MarketingAlthough many businesses tried approaching social media like a sales platform, they’re now adjusting their strategies. Facebook and Twitter aren’t the best platforms for increasing sales, but they’re unrivaled when it comes to engaging users online. We recommend you forget about sales and prioritize follower engagement when marketing on social media.

The focus is switching to mobile devices

And finally, many businesses are redesigning their websites with mobile devices in mind. It’s important to have a mobile-friendly website for your search engine optimization, and your desktop site might not get as much use in the upcoming years. We recommend that you also direct your attention to smartphones and tablets during content creation. Videos, follower engagement, and mobile devices are becoming more important in regard to Internet marketing. To talk more about Internet marketing, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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