4 Reasons You Need a Social Media Marketing Tutorial

Social Media Marketing Tutorial

As a small or medium-sized business, you’re likely using social media to promote your brand in some shape or form. But are you using it in a way that’s actually advantageous, helping your business grow and succeed? If any of the four points below applies to you, you may be in need of a social media marketing tutorial.

1) You Can’t Attract an Audience

It’s quite simple: for social media to work as a marketing tool, you need an audience of people who like or follow your account. Unfortunately, attracting that audience is among the most difficult aspects of social media marketing. How do you grow an audience that you can then engage with and market your products to? A social media marketing tutorial can help you with that.

2) You Struggle with Regular Content

Social Media Marketing TutorialBut even when you have that audience, the struggles aren’t over. It’s more difficult than most think to come up with regular content, making sure that a consistent stream of relevant information, pictures and videos finds their way to your audience. A social media marketing tutorial will teach you about the importance of content calendars, popular hashtags to jump onto and regular series.

3) You Don’t Use Insights

How do you know which posts work and which don’t? Who exactly your audience is? How to determine which times and dates are best to post your content? Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter make all of that information available to marketers in incredibly valuable tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. If you don’t know about these tools or how to use them, it may be time for a social media marketing tutorial.

4) You’re Not Listening

Successful social media marketing goes beyond simply posting content or even interacting with your audience based on that content. Often overlooked, monitoring mentions of your brand on social media is absolutely crucial to understand how your customers feel about you and to respond to negativity before it turns into a crisis.

Do any of these reasons apply to your business? If so, don’t hesitate! Contact us today to ensure that you get the most out of your social media marketing.

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