Be Clear About Your Content Goals When Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a Ghostwriter

It’s important that your business posts content regularly for your online marketing efforts, but no one ever said that you need to create it yourself. You can always outsource your content creation to keep your campaign going.

At the same time, assigning a few jobs to a ghostwriter isn’t enough. You need to be clear in your expectations and what you want to see in your content. Otherwise, your content may not align with your marketing goals.

According to a recent Forbes article, you need to actually speak with a ghostwriter so your voice is present in the content:

"The obvious alternative to writing content yourself is to hire a ghostwriter. Why bumble through an uncomfortable creative process when you can have a seasoned professional do it for you? The thing is, you can’t hand a ghostwriter a topic and expect him to relay your thoughts and experiences. You need to get involved in the content creation process so your voice and authority come through."

Here are a couple of topics you can discuss with a ghostwriter:

  • Tone:

    Do you want your content to sound professional or casual? Make sure your content is informative rather than promotional.

  • Frequency:

    Hiring a GhostwriterHow often do you want to post content? This depends on your marketing goals and your industry.

  • Type:

    Don’t just post blogs and articles. Talk to your ghostwriter and see if he’ll also create infographs and white papers.

  • Audience:

    Be clear regarding your target audience. Any writer needs to know who his content is targeted towards.

These topics apply to all areas of content creation. If you want to keep the process within your business, then be sure to cover each of the aforementioned points. This will help you create a more complete content marketing campaign.

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