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Careers In Digital Marketing

Powerhouse Internet Marketing, a recognized leader in Digital Marketing, is accepting resumes for employment in our Toronto office. As we expand our variety of Digital Markeing services, we are looking to select qualified individuals to add to our technical staff.

All of the listed employment opportunities are for our Toronto office. We do not offer a relocation program for these jobs. The ability to write and speak in several languages is a bonus, while fluency in Asian and European languages is extremely desirable.

At this time, we are currently taking resumes for future employment for the following positions:

This is a full time position performing various SEO and internet marketing tasks. This team mainly edits and reworks websites, therefore knowledge of and competency in HTML is required. When hired, employees will be placed into specific SEO positions. Qualified candidates will learn all areas of SEO and be promoted to senior analysts. Applicants are required to participate in a full SEO training program. We expect to be hiring for this job regularly.
This a full time position that requires employees to deal with CRO and Analytics such as Omniture and Google. The work requires a detail oriented professional who is a competent analyst. CRO training is provided and required for all applicants. Professionals with one or more years of experience with PPC and SEO are welcome to apply.
This is a full time position in which the employee will deal with social media. Candidates must understand paid and organic social media. Employees are first hired for specified SMM roles, and qualified candidates will receive training in all social media areas and become senior analysts. This position is expected to become available regularly, and resumes are being accepted future openings
This full time opportunity requires employees to deal with SEO and internet marketing. Knowledge of how to increase site revenue and traffic is a must. A/B testing, keyword research, monitoring tasks, reporting and ad submission are all required duties. Applicants must participate in a full training course. Openings are for qualified individuals.
This is full time opportunity responsible for scheduling and overseeing internet marketing projects. The Client liaison will build relationships with all staff and oversee progress and discussion with clients.
This is a full time opportunity in which employees sell our internet marketing optimization to current clients and prospects. In depth training about our services, products and business dealings will be provided. Ideal applicants are those that have sales experience, a large number of business contacts and are procedure savvy. They must also understand search engine marketing, pay-per-click, analytics, social media, conversion campaigns, web design and search engine optimization. Our sales force is used throughout the company, and we expect rapid growth in this area.
This is full time position requiring creative writing and editing expertise. Candidates must have experience blog and article writing and editing. Knowledge of internet procedures, internet marketing and social media is also required. Experience working with help files and documentation is desirable. The premier applicant will have been a sole contributor to developed web content.
A full time position in which employee must present training to clients and staff. A long period of extensive training will be provided. While the SEO courses are already prepared, employees will have the opportunity to learn other courses. Qualified applicants should have at least eight years experience as an SEO/PPC project manager and be an expert presenter. The candidate will also edit and create web content such as blog posts and articles. This position also requires travel.
This full time employee will provide exchange server, VPN, firewall, file server backup server, network and computer system support. Knowledge of Microsoft and Apaches servers is a must. The ideal applicant will have troubleshooting skills and understand server and desktop operations. Candidates must be able to perform all duties required for public-facing and internal systems. The applicant must also be detail oriented and outgoing, as they will be required to work regularly with employees. This position requires a cheerful attitude and a willingness to provide the best service possible.
This full time position requires applicants that have a minimum four years experience developing commercial web sites and an understanding of SaaS products. The job entails programming web-based applications for current and future products. Candidates must have experience programming and using advanced languages in MS and Apache. This position requires work on projects of a range of sizes and will play a large role in delivery of work.

Employee Benefits

After employees having completed six months with Powerhouse Internet Marketing, Inc, their benefits will include: a full benefits package. Sick and vacation time is also provided. Our office enforces a semi-casual dress code with an exciting work environment.

All applicants must live within a 45 minute drive from our Toronto office, as we do not wish for our employees to commute. We have on occasion employed remote employees.

All employment opportunities are for our Toronto Headquarters. All candidates should be able to work on a team and be exciting, fun loving, caring people who love to learn and solve problems. Contact us today at 1-888-306-8259. Resume’s can be send via email to All applicants will be considered and there is no better time than now to apply!

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