Considerations for Developing Your E-commerce Shopping Cart

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Ease of Use

Most importantly, make sure the cart is easy to use. If you have items that people may want to order in bigger quantities – make sure they are able to do so right from the shopping cart.

There are also some basic considerations. Make sure that the text is easy to read. If you think it would help or you advertise your items primarily through pictures, make sure there is an image thumbnail so people can remember what items they have put in their cart.

Sometimes people can get carried away with adding items to their cart. They may need to start over. Make sure you have one button that empties everything from the cart. This way people do not have to get annoyed at the time it takes to empty their cart.

Inbound MarketingKeep the cart on every page. If you keep the shopping cart on every page: people will always be able to keep track of their potential purchases. This can help someone who has made a shopping list.


Make sure that everything about your e-commerce shopping cart functions correctly. If someone encounters a bug, that could mean they could receive extra items from you without paying.

Another consideration is the loading time that it takes to place something in the cart. If this takes too long, people could become impatient and double-click. This could result in accidentally purchasing multiple items.

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