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digital services

The list of digital services offered by us at Powerhouse Internet Marketing is probably nothing new to you.  You’ve probably researched a few of the other top marketing firms in Toronto before landing on our page, but you’re going to stop searching after reading what makes our services stand out.

No Cookie Cutters Used Here

You’ve read that right.  Unlike other Toronto marketing agencies, we don’t pigeonhole you with every other company we help to grow.  We personalize all of the digital services we offer to give your company the tools that it needs to succeed.  What works well for the flower shop that has been family owned for 65 years might not be what’s best for the startup that is selling the newest innovation in exercise products.  We understand that each of these companies are going to have different needs, and exploit the unique strengths of each company when it comes to digital services. 

Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO

You’ve probably heard about search engine optimization so much that you’re starting to burn out from it.  We understand that, but we can’t tell you how important this is for your business.  Our program for SEO is different from what’s offered by other co-called marketing companies, Toronto native businesses need a company that can offer local and international SEO implications for their marketing strategy.  Now, your business may do fine locally, such as the flower shop, but other businesses may benefit from not only local SEO focuses, but also from that international scope to build their brand.  Through websites that are optimized to content and backlinks, we’ve got you covered.  Your competition won’t know what hit them.

Digital Ad Management

There’s a lot of different places that you’re now able to advertise your business thanks to the Internet.  It’s opened up a whole world of possibilities that are affordable to every business size thanks to internet marketing — advertisement is a powerful thing that should be harnessed correctly.  That’s a pretty beautiful thing, but only if you know how to take advantage of it for your business.  Now that you’ve found us, that’s entirely possible.  We can help you with social media advertising, Google AdWords, and more.  This not only helps you to get a strong list of highly qualified leads, but will also help you to potentially get sales from these highly qualified leads.  Your digital ads will get them to the website while your sales copy and sales funnel will help to convince them to follow through with the call to action that you’ve created for them.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What works for sales for one of our companies might work just fine for your company, but we don’t let it go to chance.  Unlike other marketing agencies, we understand that Toronto businesses should be able to rely on a personalized touch.  We don’t go with what’s easiest for us, but take the time to put the effort in to find what works best for your company.  This means that we split test every different element that your customers and potential customers come into contact with to see what they respond to the most.  We take the knowledge that we have on how to get conversion rates up and apply it towards your content.  This means that we help with with engaging your target market, build relationships with your audience, and more to get you the traffic that matters.

Managed Social Media Engagement

Pretty much everyone knows that social media has changed the way that everyone markets.  It’s a powerful tool that you’re probably using in your personal life, and maybe already use it in your professional life, as well.  The question to ask yourself is are you using this tool to its fullest potential?  If you’re not leveraging your social media engagement because you either don’t really know how to use it fully as a marketing tool or just don’t have the time, that’s where we can come in.  Consumers are pretty savvy, and most are looking to do business with companies that understand the power of social media as a customer service tool.  Let us help you to get your brand out there where you’re able to start curating brand ambassadors that practically sell your products and services for you to their social media networks for free.  People that love your company are going to be willing to share your content and information on social media platforms when you give them a brand to run with when it comes to quality content and shareability. 

Website Design and Development

Maybe your website needs a little help, such as you weren’t ready for Mobilegeddon, and your ranking is taking a hit because you’re not optimized for mobile devices.  Maybe you just haven’t had the time to create a website and rely on sites like Yelp! or your Facebook business page to have people find your company online.  You may be thinking it’s no problem as you get customers without it.  The question you should be asking yourself is how many customers are you losing out on because you’re not taking advantage of a website?  We, unlike other digital marketing agencies in Toronto, do everything in-house.  This includes your website design and development.  Why go to a company that will shuffle your website off to yet another company?  You know that you’ll be able to work with us throughout the entirety of your project, and that offers peace of mind knowing that we are familiar with your site and how your company needs to be presented. 

Sales Copywriting Services

Word choice is probably one of the most vital things when it comes to customers following through on your call to action in any piece of marketing you put in front of them.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the copy on your website, the message posted on social media, or the body of content in the emails your company sends out.  The right words are going to make the reader feel as though they need to follow through with your call to action now.  Not tomorrow.  Not in a few days.  Not in a week.  Now.  That’s pretty powerful stuff.  Do you know the right words to use to get them to follow through?  It’s okay if the answer is no or maybe as that’s where we can come in to assist you.

Email Automation

You may already have an email automation program that you use for your business.  This is the software that helps you plan your campaigns and set up when emails are going to be sent out to new leads.  The problem may be that you don’t really understand how exactly you can use this to your advantage or just don’t have the time to worry about getting it set up optimally.  We can help you with setting up your automated emails, get your emails opened by more customers on your lead list, and help get more sales conversions on your call to actions.  Why rely on claims from those other marketing agencies, Toronto needs an internet marketing agency like Powerhouse.  We understand that combining your email automation with our sales copywriting and other similar services is going to get you more results than just piecemealing your digital services from several sources.

Shopping Cart and E-Commerce

Poor shopping cart or e-commerce set ups are often a big turnoff to customers that were thinking about purchasing your product or service.  They make the decision to buy, but then get scared off because they might worry that your company isn’t trustworthy because of what they see in the cart.  Stop these abandoned cart issues by having a better e-commerce experience for your customers.  We can help you get rid of the third party payment processor that might be causing you no end of frustration with customer trust.

Complete Sales Funnel Development

Your dishwashing liquid is low, and you’ve got a big bottle that you use to fill up the one on the sink.  Are you going to try to fill it up by just putting them together and hoping that some of the liquid gets into the bottle when you know most of it might just drip down the sides?  Or are you going to get a funnel that will make sure that every drop goes into the bottle?  If you opted for the funnel, why wouldn’t you use a funnel for your sales?  It’s the same concept.  A sales funnel will help you find prospects, create contacts, turn them into leads, help separate qualified leads from the non-qualified, and ultimately, get sales.  We can work with you on creating a powerful sales funnel from beginning to end.

When it comes to internet marketing, Toronto has a pretty strong field of competitors at first glance.  The truth is that only one stands out from the crowd, Powerhouse Internet Marketing.  We see you and your company.  We believe that every company deserves their own marketing strategy using a unique combination of our digital services to achieve their goals, no matter what those goals may be for that company.  The sky’s the limit when you’ve got a great service or wonderful product. 

Our goal is to help 10,000 businesses double their size over the next five years.  That may sound like a lofty goal, but we’re on the right path.  Are you and your company ready to take that journey with us?  Contact us today for your free consultation about how we can personalize our services to fit your unique needs rather than just giving you the same worn out service that is used over and over again by those other internet marketing firms.

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