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Facebook And Twitter Advertising

Social media is where your market gathers information, shares ideas, and lives. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are already the primary sources of social interaction for most young adults and (at a rapidly increasing rate) a large portion of people 45 and over.

If you’re thinking about expanding your internet marketing reach the right way (or even if you are brand-new to digital marketing) your business needed to have a presence on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

One 2015 survey of internet users across all age groups determined that 28% of all time spent surfing the web was spent on social networking sites. Those numbers mean one thing: It’s time to leverage the power of social networking and target your customers where they spend most of their online time.

What Can Facebook And Twitter Advertising Do For Your Business?

At Powerhouse Internet Marketing, we believe that a strong Facebook and Twitter marketing strategy can deliver more than social buzz and customer relationships. Yes, we’re going to help you use social media to build better relationships with your leads and turn them into buyers, but it isn’t all about scheduling posts and saying the right words…

  • Tracking Pixels And Pinpoint Targeting – We’ll start with a tracking pixel strategy that allows you to pinpoint target your audience based on their actions and reactions to your advertising strategy. This will allow you to experience increased conversion rates with a fraction of the cost of traditional PPC advertising or a simple “set and go” ad approach.

  • Custom Audiences Based On Current Customers – Using pixels that track who is visiting your website, buying from you, or interested in your services or products, we’ll create a custom “lookalike” audience using our extensive knowledge of Facebook’s proprietary tracking technology.

  • Organic Shares, Likes, And Authority Building – Authority is the primary principle of any advertising strategy. The more times people see your business and interact with you, the more likely they are to trust you and buy from you. We’ll leverage the power of organic shares and likes as well as paid advertising to generate social buzz about your brand.

  • An Approach Customized To Your Business – There are plenty of “cookie cutter” firms and one size fits all solutions available for business owners who want to start advertising on social media. We believe, however, that you need a truly custom approach matched to the needs of your audience and the message of your brand.

Our done for you advertising service takes all the work out of social media advertising. Your business will be able to take advantage of the one area of the internet where people across all age groups spend an average of 28% of their time every single day.

Contact Us Today To Learn About The Role Social Media Advertising Will Play In Your New Integrated Marketing Plan.

Our experience in all areas of digital marketing, customer relationship building, and conversion optimization will combine to help your business get results from social media advertising that don’t cost a fortune to achieve.

When you work with Powerhouse Internet Marketing you get the benefit of a team dedicating to improving every aspect of your marketing strategy. Once integrated, you’ll discover the power of multiple marketing channels working together in a single system and a massive ROI that just doesn’t come from traditional advertising.

We’re Ready To Show You The Power Of Facebook And Twitter Advertising.

We’re ready to analyze your business goals and show you exactly how Facebook and Twitter advertising can help your business increase revenue while decreasing cost. Additionally, we will help you understand exactly how you can use the power of Facebook and Twitter to do more than just interact with your customers.

In addition to helping you build a relationship with your current and future customers, we’ll show you how you can use tracking pixel technology to increase conversions faster than any other advertising technique.

Social Media Marketing Toronto

As a local marketing business, we understand what it takes to achieve your social media marketing goals.  Our social media marketing Toronto based company is here for your business.  Utilize our skills to help your company leverage the power of social media.

Is your current social media presence a once in a while post or retweet?  Maybe you think about posting on the regular for a week or so, and then it drops off dramatically until you have time again?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re not fully leveraging the power of social media platforms for your business.  It could be argued that your haphazard efforts are almost as bad for your business as not having social media accounts at all.  As with anything worthwhile for your business a strategy is the place to start.

Don’t Let Your Business Stagnate Without Taking Advantage of the Power of Social Media.

Even if you do have a strategy already, it can be easy to get sidetracked from said strategy with everything that goes on during a business day, but it’s vital to stay on task.  Social media is a platform that allows smaller and middle-sized businesses to be able to have the same interactions with customers that larger firms have always enjoyed.  It’s basically a free marketing tool that you know people are very engaged with as seen with the provided stats.

Keep Your Unique Voice and Amplify Your Message

You may think that utilizing a service like ours will stifle your company’s unique voice and position, and just turn you into a cookie cutter social media presence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We don’t stifle your voice that makes your company a reflection of you.  What we do accomplish for you is to amplify your voice to make it heard.  We work in partnership with you to create a message that is not only cohesive, but is also compelling that will reflect your voice.    

With social media marketing, Toronto is a big city just wanting for your voice to be heard.  Let us help you get into touch with your already loyal fans to keep your company in the forefront of their minds if they ever need your services while introducing your company to a host of new potential customers.  After you start working with our company for your social media marketing strategy, you’ll wonder how you got by previously without our services.  Get out there and get noticed. Schedule a free consultation below.

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Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business and target new customers through the power of social media. Facebook and Twitter are where today’s customers learn about what’s happening in the world around them and your business has to do more than just “be there” to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that social media presents to entrepreneurs.

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