Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords Management

An optimized AdWords campaign isn’t as easy as giving Google your credit card number and clicking “go.”

Frequent AdWords advertising mistakes will cost your business money. From call to action statements that don’t convert to copy that doesn’t pre-qualify your prospects to keyword research and targeting that puts your message in front of an audience that would never buy, Powerhouse Internet Marketing is ready to show you how your business can improve current AdWord practices, or how it can build a completely new strategy from the ground up.

The advantage to working with us for your Google AdWords needs is clear.

At Powerhouse Internet Marketing, we’re experts in all aspects of digital marketing, from sales copy and conversion optimization to the split testing practices that you need to implement if you want to lower your PPC costs and increase profit.


Don’t Make These Common AdWords Mistakes!

And Save Your Business Thousands In Advertising Expenses

If your business is already using AdWords you (or your current consultant) may be making these mistakes already. If you’re just getting into internet marketing, be sure to call us before you start spending money on an AdWords campaign—there may be other strategies that will be more effective (more on that in a minute).

First, consider the mistakes that most businesses and marketing consultants make when creating an AdWords campaign…

  • Ineffective Keyword Research – Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the most common AdWords problems. Frequently, we see businesses paying hundreds of dollars per day for keyword choices that would never generate a qualified buyer.

  • Poor Keyword Selections – Keyword selection starts with research, but even if you have determined the ideal keyword set, it’s a common mistake to group keywords the wrong way or use the wrong keyword matches.

  • No Split Testing – When you are dealing with cold traffic (people who haven’t been introduced to your brand yet) split testing is the most important part of converting prospects into customers.

  • Ad Copy Mistakes – The words you write in your ad matter. You can write an ad to get clicks but if those words don’t pre-qualify your prospects or set expectations correctly, you’ll waste your money and never close a sale.

  • No Long Term CVO – One advantage of working with Powerhouse Internet Marketing is that we can help you maximize customer value in the long term with sales funnel solutions that will turn prospects into long term repeat customers.

  • Wrong Expectations – This is the biggest problem with AdWords! You can’t expect one strategy alone to solve all of your marketing problems. When you call us for a consultation, we’ll let you know if AdWords will make your revenue goals happen or if you need to use another marketing strategy.

This list is just a limited look at the many mistakes and complications that businesses make with Google AdWords.

In fact, AdWords may not even be the best choice for your business.

Depending on your market, local search engine optimization, Facebook ads, or Twitter advertising may be better options with higher return on investment.

We’ll Develop And Manage An Ideal AdWords Campaign

Leave the “heavy lifting” to Powerhouse Internet Marketing. We’ll determine your advertising needs with profit goals in mind and create an AdWords strategy that effectively converts traffic into paying customers.

With a full suite of internet marketing services, Powerhouse Internet Marketing can also help your business build better relationships with your customers, generate more sales, and create organic social buzz around your products with an integrated marketing plan.

Everything starts with a free consultation so that we can discuss your current business plans, future revenue and profit goals, as well as the marketing mistakes that your business might be making right now.

Contact Powerhouse Internet Marketing Today For A FREE AdWords And Marketing Consultation

Let’s work together to determine your revenue goals, current marketing practices, and how Powerhouse Internet Marketing can help.

We’ll let you know what you can expect from a brand new or revised AdWords campaign and we’ll provide advice on the supplementary marketing strategies you can use to generate more leads and turn those leads into paying customers.

When you complete the information form below or contact us for the first time, your consultation is completely FREE!

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