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Use Local SEO to Boost Your Private Jet Charter Marketing Campaign

You may be familiar with local SEO as an affordable, effective marketing tool for restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. However, it’s also a powerful tool for a broad range of luxury services, including private jet charter marketing.

How so? Think of your ideal customer.

Someone who wants to charter a private jet must have good reasons not to fly with a public airline. Some of these reasons may include:

  • Time Constraint
    Something important came up and your customer needs to fly ASAP.
  • Comfort and Convenience
    Your customer can’t afford to spend time waiting at a terminal, or risk being arriving late, unprepared, or in a sour mood.
  • Flexibility
    Most private jet charters are for business purposes. If a passenger runs late, the jet is still there waiting. Private jets can also land at more airports than commercial airlines.

How Your Customer’s Motives Tie into Local SEO

You know that your ideal customer is short on time, places a premium on convenience, and desires flexibility. When these customers discover a need to travel between cities, the first thing they are likely to do is open up a search browser on their smartphones and look for the closest, most convenient company offering that service.

Since private jet charter marketing needs to be location-specific – you are locked into operating at an airport, after all – local SEO offers the greatest ROI for prospecting new customers.

Before the age of the Internet, referrals and word-of-mouth were the primary means of marketing for luxury services such as jet charters. However, a trusted referral isn’t worth much if your planes are based in New York and a client needs a flight from Los Angeles. In that situation, you can either fly out to pick up your customer, or simply let a different local operator take the job.

As every jet charter operator knows, empty-leg flights cost a great deal of money. This is why you may be tempted to offer steep discounts to potential flyers just to put people on the plane.

A successful local SEO campaign, however, can centralize your focus on the areas you regularly serve. This reduces empty-leg flight frequency and earns you a greater return on your per-flight investment. As an additional bonus, you don’t have to offer steep discounts that negatively affect your brand’s value proposition.

Let Us Create a Local SEO Campaign for Your Business

If you’d like to reap the benefits of local SEO, Powerhouse Internet Marketing has experience producing results in the private jet charter marketing sector. Our campaigns generate leads, produce brand awareness among your target customers, and lead to a larger share of profitable flights to areas you serve regularly.

Powerhouse Internet Marketing is a boutique SEO marketing firm that specializes in the luxury transport industry. Our private jet charter marketing campaigns produce results, ensuring that local jet charter customers have access to your services first and foremost. Contact us today for a quote!

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