If there is one thing the Internet has done for people across the globe it is give them choice and with that choice comes their frustrating ability to “window shop”.

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) allows the savvy marketer to KEEP those window-shoppers looking into your shop window day-in day-out no matter where they happen to be looking online… massively boosting your ROI, brand exposure and dramatically lowering your advertising costs.


What Is Retargeting And Why Do I Need It?

Less savvy marketers are wasting thousand of dollars every day by running advertising campaigns without retargeting.

The old way of advertising meant that you run an ad and if it converts then you make the sale/get the lead, but if your ad doesn’t convert then you lose the sale for good.

For example: If your ad converts at 10% and you are not retargeting then you are waving goodbye to 90% of your potential customer base… which adds up to a huge amount of wasted advertising budget.

In its most simple form retargeting allows you to KEEP talking to everyone who shows interest in your ad, whether they convert or not, which means better conversions and a far greater ROI and brand presence in front of people who have already shown an interest in your business.

How Does Retargeting Work?

A snippet of code gets added to your site, which allows your ‘retargeter’ to place an anonymous cookie in your browser that stores information on the site visit, page visit, bounce rate, shopping cart abandons, etc.

The cookie allows you to know when one of your “cookied” site visitors shows up on another site and when they do, if there is ad space available, your retargeting provider will bid to display your customized ad right there in front of them to drive them back to your site, promotion, or offer.

The entire retargeting process happens during the time it takes the page to load and is completely automated… So by the time the webpage loads your cookied visitors will get to see your ad right alongside whatever the page content happens to be.

It’s worth noting here that if your ad happens to appear on highly reputable sites like the New York Times or Forbes then your brand will automatically be leveraging that authority!

Why Is Retargeting So Effective?

Brand Awareness: Retargeting has been proven over and over to increase online sales and generate higher ROI by keeping your brand almost permanently in front of potential customers who have ALREADY demonstrated interest in your brand, and your product.

It follows that every time your “cookied visitor” sees your retargeting ads you increase your brand exposure.

But the real power of retargeting is in the control it gives you over what ads you display to which people.

You can create and display one ad for a visitor who visited your blog, one ad for a visitor who spent time on your sales page and another ad for someone who went as far as your shopping cart but then changed their mind at the last minute… (and for internet marketers with long, deep funnels, retargeting is an absolute necessity!)

Decrease Shopping Cart Abandons: If you ONLY used retargeting to follow up “shopping cart abandons” you would quickly put your business on another level… Paypal recently surveyed users and discovered that over 80% of users abandoned a shopping cart in the previous last 12 months.

Turning those cart abandons into sales is one way to increase your ROI and customer base.

Smart Segmentation: Using segmented retargeting to connect your message directly with your visitors is another. So if they spent time on your clothing site but they only looked at one specific dress then you can target them with an ad displaying that one dress.

Cost-Effective Advertising: Retargeting is also a cost-effective advertising strategy. If you’ve spent the initial ad dollar to find a new lead why would you waste it, by not following up with them when they don’t convert?

Retargeting allows you to keep advertising to them over time at a significantly cheaper rate.


If You Are Not Using Retargetting You Are Wasting Money, Losing Customers And Missing Out On Brand Exposure

Retargeting will completely transform the business you already have, and it will allow you to build a bigger business going forward. It will allow you to speak directly to your window shoppers and it will allow you to turn more of them in to customers…and it’ll do it on autopilot while increasing your overall ROI.

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