Sales Copy-Writing

Sales Copy-Writing

Let us show you why the words you carefully choose to be part of your marketing campaign, website, and prospect conversion process matter.

From critiques of existing copy to complete rewrites of marketing campaign material, website content, or landing pages, Powerhouse Internet Marketing has the sales copy-writing experience to handle any job.

Instead of searching for the right words to express the benefits of your service or spending days crafting emails to build a relationship with prospects, trust us to take your ideas and turn them into compelling “need to buy” offers using the power of compelling copy.

Discover The Clear Advantage Of Words Crafted To Sell

Prospects don’t decide to buy from you on their own. You need to give them a good reason to reach a purchase decision that will put profit in your pocket. Many of our clients ask: “How is sales copy different from regular writing?” In most cases, the answer that we provide comes with the proof that the words written by our professional copy-writing staff result in higher conversions without any other changes to your website.


Here’s how our sales copy process works:

  • We Determine Customer “Pain Points” – When your customers buy something from you that they don’t need for survival, they are making a purchase due to an emotional need. We determine what “pain” in their life is creating that emotional need and we find the right words to demonstrate that your business can help your prospects solve that pain.

  • We Articulate The Benefits Of Your Business – Before spending money with your business, your customers want to (consciously or subconsciously) understand the clear benefits they will get in exchange for their money. We’ll use our copy to show them exactly what they will get in return when they decide to work with you.

  • We Call Your Customers To Action – Most business owners fail to call their prospects to act, leaving them confused and unable to see what comes next. When new traffic approaches your business for the first time and enters your sales funnel, our copy will work to explain what comes next and the action they need to take to get the benefits they need.

  • Our Words Answer Objections – Here is something we hope you can relate to: Every time someone doesn’t buy from you it is because you have failed to answer their objections. Sometimes another business answers objections better than you, other times potential customers decide that your product or service just isn’t worth the money. Our words answer those objections.

We bring years of experience crafting web copy, direct response sales letter, and sales copy to your business.

This Is The Powerhouse Internet Marketing Advantage:

We Can Handle Every Aspect Of Your Marketing Strategy

The real advantage is that our team’s copy-writing experience brings your business the ability to create a complete marketing strategy without having to engage with other contractors or consultants. This means that when you contract our team to create a compelling sales funnel, website, or automated lead engagement system for your prospective customers, we can handle every part of the marketing process with no hassle and optimum results.

Keep in mind that every part of your internet marketing presence should ideally work in unison and working with Powerhouse Internet Marketing guarantees that you’ll have access to the expertise necessary to craft a unified marketing message.

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And Determine How Our Sales Copywriting Service Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to launch a brand new service or if your business just needs a marketing facelift, we’re ready to help you determine how our sales copy-writing team can help you turn more of your traffic into buyers.

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