Shopping Cart Development

Shopping Cart Development

Appropriate e-commerce design, development and execution inside of a cohesive marketing plan is an important factor in the success of any online business.

When you work with Powerhouse Internet Marketing’s e-commerce and shopping cart development team, we’ll take into account all aspects of your current sales funnel, marketing strategy, and brand message to create a complete platform that increases sales while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Businesses frequently contact us for help determining why their online store has a large number of shopping cart abandons or to have us build and launch a complete e-commerce platform from the ground up. No matter the complexity or scale of your e-commerce needs, Powerhouse Internet Marketing can handle your project with confidence.


Increase Sales With E-Commerce Solutions Tied To Internet Marketing Strategy

Developing an online shopping solution that is effective isn’t as simple as adding a PayPal buy button to your website. Here’s how our proven e-commerce development process works…

  • We’ll start with an analysis of your prospects, market, and current customers, uncovering their expectations, needs, and potential purchase objections.

  • Our team will create a shopping cart that effectively encourages prospects to commit to a purchase without heeding to the objections that might otherwise result in an abandoned cart.

  • With split testing, conversion rate optimization, and design tests, we’ll work to constantly improve the effectiveness of the e-commerce experience we create on your site.

  • Additionally, we’ll work within your current marketing strategy or help you develop and implement a new plan that your e-commerce message will fit cohesively into.

The shopping cart experience on your website revolves around managing customer expectations while creating a clear process that is easy to understand and intuitive. In this final step your prospects become paying customers and your business sets the stage for future transactions.

Our shopping cart development process helps you maximize the value of each customer and lay the foundation for a solid long-term customer relationship.

User-Friendly, Optimized, and Secure

The e-commerce shopping carts and websites that we develop follow the latest secure encryption protocols while maintaining ease of use and customer value optimization best practices.

Many shopping cart systems require complicated multi-step approaches to clear transactions and re-directs to third party payment processors. In many cases, the systems developed by most businesses and by some of our competitors often result in higher instances of cart abandons.

At Powerhouse Internet Marketing, we seek to create a shopping cart process that maintains the highest level of security possible to protect customer information and inspire confidence while keeping your e-commerce system easy to use.

Discover The Advantage Of Working With A Full Service Internet Marketing Firm

Our clients experience a distant advantage resulting from our years of experience working with all aspects of digital marketing. In addition to shopping cart development, our team can help your business..

  • Identify Conversion Rate Optimization Issues

  • Determine How To Reduce Marketing Costs

  • Develop A Sales Funnel That Automates Customer Acquisition

  • Find More Leads Through Advertising And Organic Search

  • Optimize Website Visibility On Search Engines

  • Automate Follow Up And Relationship Building

  • And Integrate Your Shopping Cart With Your Complete Marketing Strategy

Stop approaching marketing one step at a time and discover the advantage of working with a firm with expert consultants who can handle all of your marketing, web design, and development needs.

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