Good Conversion Rate Optimization Starts with Honest Marketing

Starts with Honest Marketing

No matter where you look, marketers emphasize the importance of conversion rate. The specific application of this term can take on several meanings, ranging anywhere from converting website visitors into leads all the way to converting shopping cart items to actual sales. But all of these applications of the term have one thing in common: a desire to optimize the rate at which your audience actually follows through on its journey to becoming a customer.

In other words, conversion rate optimization is key for business success. And any efforts to improve conversion rate have to start with one thing: honest marketing.

Starts with Honest MarketingPut yourself in your audience’s shoes. You just saw a social media message, email or search result that intrigued you enough to click on the provided link. Now, a number of things can happen:

  1. You find what you’re looking for, and follow through by buying the product or filling out the form.
  2. You read more about the offer or content, and decide it’s not quite what you were looking for or not worth the effort of signing up.
  3. As you read more, you feel misled by the initial message, as the actual page is focused on something completely different.

As a business, you want the first option to happen as often as possible. The second option is unfortunate but not always avoidable, and the third is bad. Potential customers that feel this way will not only fail to follow through; they’ll likely think twice before interacting with any message from your brand in the future.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial for your marketing efforts to be driven by honesty. It’s easy to begin exaggerating promises to your audience in order to increase click-throughs. But if you want to increase your conversion rate, honesty is the key to success. Contact us for more tips about conversion rate optimization!

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