How to Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization

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Many businesses are well aware of the impact their search engine page rank has on their online marketing efforts. Here are a few things you need to enhance your search engine optimization and increase your page rank on Google:

A mobile-friendly website

For a couple of years, Google strongly recommended that businesses have mobile-friendly websites. Starting in April 2014, Google now factors that into its search algorithm.

This means that in order to have a high page rank, you absolutely need to have a mobile-friendly site. A recent Practical Ecommerce article explains how this can impact your online marketing strategy:

"Given that the effect of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update is so diffuse, with different levels of impact by page and by keyword, measuring the impact overall can be tricky. If your performance metrics are based on keyword rankings, you’re in for a rough ride. Each keyword now needs to be tracked twice: once for desktop and once for mobile. Since some analytics packages break out smartphone and tablet, certain sites will actually have to track and trend three sets of rankings."

A content strategy

In addition to having a mobile-friendly site, Google also wants businesses to keep their site current. The best way they can do this is to have a blog and update it once a week.

Search Engine OptimizationYou can improve your search engine page rank by investing more in content creation. Add videos, infographics, and white papers to your content mix, and you’ll eventually see your page rank rise.


And finally, your business needs credibility to have a high search engine page rank. This is important for two reasons. First, you need to have a credible brand reputation so consumers will share and link to your content. And second, your website should be credible so Google will want to direct users towards it.

Businesses can increase their page rank on search engines by having a mobile-friendly site, practicing content creation, and establishing credibility. To talk more about search engine optimization, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.

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