Improving SEO and Web Design by Avoiding Jargon

Improving SEO

Writing is one of the most important aspects of web design.  A website consists of visual and written content.  The images and graphics attract viewers’ eyes, prompting them to read the written matter.  However, if the written content is not up to par, then they’re not going to waste their time reading it from beginning to end.  They will also probably not return to the website in the future.  So it’s important to make sure that the writing is simple and lucid.

Jargonized Writing

Nowadays, many businesses employ writers who use a lot of jargon.  Websites are jammed with this kind of jargon.  Here’s an example of this type of writing, taken from the website of a company ranked as one of the 10 fastest-growing ones in New York City by Inc.: “Access to our breadth of data unlocks insights into impactful advertising decisions.”  Why couldn’t they simply have said, “We give you a lot of data to help you with your advertising needs”?

They also write, “We offer a full suite of solutions that help all players in the digital advertising ecosystem understand the value of their media inventory.”  You need to read this sentence a few times to understand what it means.  And even then, it’s not entirely clear.  What you do get is that they’re offering a number of options to help people get the most out of online advertising.

Non-Jargonized Writing

Improving SEOInstead, here is some writing from another website ranked within the same article: “Your days scouring the web for event tickets are over.”  Wow!  Did you understand that at the first go?  The writing is much simpler and clearer.  It doesn’t sound like it’s trying to pull a fast one over anybody.  They also say, “Our gorgeous interactive maps make finding the perfect seat simple.  No more seats behind a concrete pillar.”  This type of writing is so much more inviting and makes you want to keep surfing the site.

In order to improve your SEO and web design, it’s a good idea to avoid jargon.  Besides, it’s much simpler to write in a way that doesn’t include jargon.  Most of us don’t think in these terms.  We don’t speak in this way.  So why should we write in this way?  Instead, it’s a good idea to assume that your readers are intelligent laypersons who are capable of understanding what you say as long as you don’t use any specialized language.

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