It’s Time to Ditch Your Mobile Marketing Strategy


No matter where you turn, the words "mobile marketing strategy" are buzzing through the marketing world. When mobile internet usage first overtook desktop around this time last year, informed marketers split into two camps: those that were proud to have been anticipated the trend and had a mobile strategy already implemented, and those who scrambled to get up to speed and develop their own strategy to account for that trend.

Perhaps both camps were wrong.

That’s certainly a controversial stance, but allow us to explain. In the beginning of this decade, with smartphones and tables on the rise, "thinking mobile" was considered a key digital trend. Catching the consumers where they began spending their time made sense. Today, with mobile devices of all kinds flooding the consumer electronics market, it seems outdated.

Because consumers no longer think in terms of "mobile" and "desktop." Cell phones, tablets and computers are used to varying degrees, but for consumers, they all accomplish the same goals. Segmenting your marketing strategy by device puts an emphasis on the features of that device, rather than the consumer.

Inbound MarketingOf course, that does not mean you should ignore developments in the mobile market. Responsive websites are rapidly increasing in importance, and the various possibilities of mobile apps (and in-app marketing) can make sense for a lot of businesses. Let’s not forget that social media marketing is increasingly mobile-optimized as well, with users flocking to their smartphones to check Facebook or post a picture on Instagram.

But instead of developing a mobile strategy that focuses on specific devices, it may be time to integrate that strategy into your overall marketing efforts. If possible, every piece of your marketing strategy should have a mobile component to it, but one that is integrated and makes sense in the context of your overall marketing goals.

In the year 2015, mobile is no longer a novel concept that consumers treat differently than their other options to spend their time and surf the internet. It’s time for marketers to adjust. Contact us to learn how you can!

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