Marketing on Social Media: 3 Characteristics of Viral Content

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing on social media is a great opportunity for businesses that want to interact with consumers and establish brand loyalty. Posting viral content is an important aspect of social media marketing, although it’s rarely achieved. In this blog, we’ll define three characteristics of viral content.

But first, you need to understand that there’s no guarantee that your content will ever go viral. Even if you do everything right, you need a certain amount of luck for things to take off.

A recent Entrepreneur article talks about viral content, which should be unique and shareable, and appeal to influencers:

"Content with the ability to go viral should also be engaging to viewers, meaning that it is easy for users to become involved and comment. Not all the content that you produce will go viral, but it is important to aim for that goal by ensuring that each piece of content you produce meets the three characteristics of viral content."


Marketing on Social MediaViral content often has a fresh angle or offers an interesting perspective. It needs to be unique in a way that your followers haven’t seen before.


Viral content is so interesting that people think: "I need to show X and Y this." Discussion adds to the content and gives people another reason to check it out.

Appeal to influencers:

And finally, your content needs to get the attention of the cool kids. When they post a link on Facebook, it pops up on one thousand newsfeeds and makes an impression on their followers.

Just one viral blog or article can make a big difference for your marketing campaign. When it comes to marketing on social media, businesses can only focus on the things they can control – like content creation – and hope the stars align for viral sharing.

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