Must Know Tips for Small Business Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

There are many considerations for small business social media advertising.

Know Your Options

There are a ton of social media websites out there. Depending on your brand and products, some may be better suited for your use than others.

The first thing you should do to determine which social media platform to advertise on is to do your research. You can see where people who use your and your competitor’s products like to discuss them. Social media sites can have drastically different demographics than each other. Making sure you are advertising where your targeted age group is present is a consideration you should have.

Test Different Advertisements

Social Media AdvertisingAs you start your small business, you may not know what sort of advertisements to use. That is okay; if you test out a variety of advertisements you can see which perform optimally. Even things such as which stock photo to use in an advertisement can make all the difference.

Make sure you are just testing one factor at a time. If you are testing more than one, then you can not separate the results. You will not be able to tell why your advertisement is performing better or worse than it did before.

If you do not know how to advertise, that is okay as well. Oftentimes people block advertisements. Loosen your ad blocking software, and pay attention to your competitors ads. If you keep seeing the same advertisement, you can assume it works. Take notes on how they made it, and try to start from there.

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