Pay Per Click Ads Are Never Going Away


There is a lot of discussion, a healthy amount of buzz among the marketing community, that states pay per click ads are relics, kind of like the dinosaur and the Dodo. It is common knowledge that they worked extremely well in the 1990’s but conventional wisdom dictates that consumers became immune to them. These days, most marketers recommend that businesses use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase their visibility on the web. Well, SEO is fantastic and every business should consider its benefits, but don’t start looking for the fossils of pay per click ads yet. Here are three reasons why they will never entirely go away.


Pay-Per-ClickTime is money. If SEO is the tortoise, then pay per click ads are definitely the hare. Pay per click ads can direct traffic to one’s website immediately, while SEO can take months to kick in.


Pay Per Click ads are only shown to certain types of people. The beauty behind the ads is that you can decide who will see your ad and who will not see your ad. There are many filters including age, gender, language, time of day, and even interests that make sure you are targeting the people who you want to target.


The most important statistic is that pay per click ads still work. 1% to 5% of a website’s unique traffic will click on an ad and be exposed to your message.

Pay Per Click ads are an effective way to give a great business more exposure. Contact us for more information about Pay Per Click ads.

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