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When you’re ready to grow your business,taking the next step to improve your Internet marketing could significantly impact your profits. An average company will give you average results; when you want exceptional results, you need a powerhouse company with dynamic, experienced leaders. The Powerhouse Internet Marketing team knows how to maximize your SEO Montreal efforts through creative, result-driven efforts that develop relationships at every step of your sales funnel.

Our proven system sets us apart in two areas:

  • We do things right the first time, saving you time, stress and money
  • We have the experience and expertise to run a successful campaign for your business, allowing you to focus on growing your business

Search Engine Optimization

  • International SEO

Our international SEO strategies and techniques have been built around the proven results we’ve seen through building local and regional organic search engine rankings. It may be the World wide web, but the Internet is a small world — you want your SEO Montreal campaigns to be found around the globe, and we can take your marketing there.

  • Local/Small Business SEO

We started with local and small business search engine optimization and have been able to help thousands of companies grow their sales by creating and managing SEO Montreal campaigns. Their businesses found new views, new prospects, new sales and new money through organic search results that cost your business nothing in advertising dollars. Local businesses who are in the top 10 search results get more than 90 percent of the traffic, and we know how to put your business in the prime location for the most clicks.

Google AdWords Management

Don’t drop money on Google AdWords before contacting us for a free consultation. Advertising mistakes will not only cost you money upfront, but the long-term effects of missteps can cause lost prospects and opportunities. We’ve seen too many companies using ineffective keywords, who haven’t conducted any split testing, and without a customer value optimization plan. Google AdWords might not even be the best advertising platform for your business — use our experience to put your business where your customers are clicking.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Once customers have visited your site, where are they going? Getting traffic to your site isn’t enough. After they’ve arrived, you still need to show them why they should partner with you. Unlike many other marketing companies whose focus stops with SEO services, AdWords and social media campaigns, we believe that you need a clear conversation rate optimization plan, and know how to create yours.

Facebook and Twitter Advertising

Each day, social media networks are gaining thousands of new users, and with mobile device use on the rise, people are spending more and more time updating their statuses, sharing photos, and finding new ways for social interaction. Leverage your time and maximize your social media account by targeting your customers where they spend their online. We can track your pixels, build your audience, and create a customized plan.

Website Design and Development

Designing a Web site is more than purchasing a theme and filling in copy. You need a comprehensive framework, starting with a solid back-end script that will work for your search engine rankings and conversion rates. The aesthetics of your site are important, but converting visitors into prospects and prospects into customers is vital, and your Web site is key to making that transition.

Shopping Cart Development

E-commerce and shopping cart development factors into each component of your current sales funnel. We can merge that with an effective marketing strategy and brand message to develop a platform designed to increase sales and enhance your customer experience. Just adding a “Buy Now” button to your Web site isn’t enough — you need a customer-centric page that breaks down the barriers and objections that cause clients to abandon their carts.

Sales Funnel Development

Whether or not you realize it, you have a sales funnel. It might not be as effective as you’d like, though, and that’s where we come in. We can take your non-optimized funnel, automate and enhance it and present you with an easy-to-use funnel that increases the value of each customer by encouraging upselling and cross-selling. Prospects are lead seamlessly through the process of becoming clients.

Sales Copy-Writing

Actions speak louder than words, but the words you choose to represent your business can make or break the actions your prospects take. Words matter, and we can show you why. From e-mails and Web content to traditional marketing materials, our experience can increase your conversions without any other changes.

Email Automation

Our proven email marketing and automation program will simplify your online strategy and improve your workflow. Rather than spending your time sending out countless emails and responses each day, you can focus on building relationships and forging future sales.


When someone abandons their cart or spends time looking at your products without making a purchase, do you just let them go? Not only will our strategies help bring them back and encourage them to complete their purchase, but we can help increase your brand awareness, create a better segmentation plan, and maximize your ad dollars.

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