Client Reporting

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Client Reporting

Our complete suite of customizable reporting tools allow you to measure key performance indicators and results in real time while projecting return on investment and the future impact of your marketing dollar at work.

The powerful reporting information we provide will allow you to project revenue, measure the success of your PPC, SEO or social media marketing campaign, and project profit based on prospect action and engagement. As a result, you’ll be able to create a better management plan for the future of your business.

Track Progress In Real Time!

Discover Our Complete Client Reporting Dashboard

Our managed marketing services will reduce the time you spend stressing about your business, but we don’t want to take away your ability to track measured results. Our complete Client Reporting Dashboard includes…

  • SEO Ranking And Reporting Tools

  • Pay Per Click Audit Reports

  • Real-Time On Page SEO Analysis Tool

  • Key Performance Indicator Reporting

  • Social Media Metric Summary

  • And More

When you work with us on any SEO or PPC marketing campaign, we provide complete access to the Client Reporting Dashboard for free. Understanding the progress your business is making will allow you to plan for the future.

All of these reporting tools are available on demand in a browser-based web application. You can log into your customized client dashboard via web browser or smart phone at any time to track website performance, social media engagement, or marketing campaign status.

Custom Reporting Tools, Refined For Your Management Style And Expectations

The Powerhouse Client Report Dashboard is completely customizable offering 100s of reporting options, combinations, and management opportunities.

  • Choose From 100s Of Reporting Options

  • You Decide The Data That Is Important To You

  • See Results In Real-Time

  • Log On From Mobile Or Web Browser

  • Robust User Role Management

  • Completely Customized For Your Business

Because every business is different and every business management team approaches revenue, advertising, and marketing goals differently, we’re happy to provide you with the exact metrics that you need to make decisions about the effectiveness of our service and the impact our team’s marketing efforts have on your business. Don’t be “left in the dark” again by a marketing team that only reports on progress once a week or monthly.

Weekly And Monthly Reporting Is Also Included With All Of Our Services

In addition to the real-time Powerhouse Client Dashboard, our services include weekly and monthly reports that detail all of the activities we’ve performed for your business.

With our weekly SEO, PPC and social media marketing summaries, you’ll be able to see the exact performance of our campaigns. Monthly activity reporting will detail all of the activities associated with your account. We’ll also provide detailed content submission reports at an interval you select or every time we submit content, change your website, or adjust our strategy.

All detailed reports include the results of our research, analysis and testing as well as recommendations you’ll be able to use to improve return on investment. You’ll see the exact steps and strategies we take to improve your online presence and the impact it’s having on your bottom line.

We’re Ready To Give You Access To The Tools You Need To Grow Your Business

We don’t want to “leave you in the dark” about what we’re doing or how we are helping your business grow. Our group of diversified experts is ready to create a custom marketing plan for your business and our fanatical support team is prepared to give you the tools you need to track success.

While other marketing firms try to keep quiet about the (lack of) action they take to build your business, we’re prepared to show you exactly where every marketing dollar you spend goes and the impact that your investment returns to your business.

Contact Us Today For A FREE 30 Minute Reporting Dashboard Demonstration And Consultation

Contact us today by completing the information form below and we’ll provide a free demonstration of the interaction Client Reporting Dashboard.

Additionally, we can use our software tools during this free demonstration and consultation to…

  • Perform On Page SEO Analysis

  • Assess Website Readability

  • Analyze Your Competition

  • Conduct A Full SEO Audit Report

And to show you how our services will impact the key performance indicators that can increase revenue for your business.

Free Consultation!

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