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We have put together a large list of client testomonials for you below. Please note: We have edited out the client website and or company name as per our Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition agreement which can be found here. For more information on how we protect your businesses information or for a free quote please call us at 1-888-306-8259 today.

I have been in business for over 20 years and have had a website for about 5 years now. Even with a website, we still get most of our leads from customer referrals and local advertising. However, since consulting with Powerhouse about social media opportunities, we have received an overwhelming response. It is like word-of-mouth on the internet. We have had so many calls from potential customers telling us they found us through a friend’s Facebook page. The customized social media plan they designed for us has helped us tremendously.

I wanted to make sure people could find my online bakery, so I talked to Powerhouse Internet Marketing. I was hesitant to hire someone that didn’t know who I was or what I wanted, but they really listened to what I had to say. He took my general ideas about what I wanted my website to say, and he turned them into SEO pages. I was completely happy with everything he did. He didn’t design my website, he just made it easier to find. After my site launched, I immediately had orders.

If you have an existing company and are ready to start selling from your own website, Powerhouse Internet Marketing is the company you should consult. They have done so much for our chain of jewelry stores. We have had so many new customers as well as repeat customers since the overhaul of our website. The service to our customers has also improved greatly.

We have been in business for over 50 years and recently opened our sixth store. We sell high-end jewelry and custom jewelry. We’ve had a very basic website for over 10 years, but it didn’t get much traffic. It wasn’t very functional. It had a few pictures, some contact information, and our current promotions. But no one could find us on the internet, even if they searched for our name specifically. It is not cost effective to pay for a website and hosting if no one can find us.

Powerhouse helped redesign our whole web presence. They used SEO techniques to make our website more searchable, and created a more customer-friendly website. Customers can make purchases through our website, look through our catalogs, and even login to see the progress of their custom jewelry orders. They helped us come up with a better promotional strategy that now includes various social media tools for the various target markets we are trying to reach. The analysis of our web traffic and promotional efforts has helped us figure out how to better spend our marketing dollars. The team at Powerhouse has done a wonderful job for our company!

Since working with Powerhouse, I have had a 70% increase in customer inquiries, and a 50% increase in overall sales. I cannot say enough great things about the job they did. I had no idea what Conversion Rate Optimization was, but they explained it to me and I knew that was the problem I was having with my website. It has been a great experience to work with them, and I recommend them to everyone I know.
Social media is important to my business. Although food trucks are a new trend that attracts attention on its own, I was still having trouble attracting enough customers to make a profit. I would post where I was going to be, and run promotions based on social media participation, but it wasn’t doing enough. I talked to a friend who recommended I talk to Powerhouse about how to better use social media for my food truck. I have had a great response from my Facebook and Twitter posts. I even have some people that follow me and are regular customers trying to see how many different places they can eat from my truck!
I thought I knew everything I needed to know about pay-per-click advertising from researching the internet and using Google Adwords. It doesn’t seem that complicated. But I wasn’t seeing the results I expected to see. I talked to Powerhouse Internet Marketing about what I could do to improve the performance of my PPC ads. They gave me plenty of options, but I was concerned about the price because of my small budget for advertising. We came up with a custom plan that fit my budget and my marketing goals. I will use them again in the future for my marketing campaigns, before I waste money on things that don’t work.
The professionals at Powerhouse Internet Marketing have made it so much easier for me to get our marketing campaign off the ground. They work with you personally in order to find out what you need and how they can best help. It is not like other marketing companies that have a few set services for you to choose from. We had no idea what we needed when we called, but Powerhouse listened to our needs and helped us create our own custom plan that was within our marketing budget. They are truly the best internet marketing team out there.
I wanted to thank Powerhouse Internet Marketing for all their hard work analyzing our company’s website traffic and giving us advice on how to proceed with our online advertising efforts. Powerhouse Internet Marketing has shown us what is working and what isn’t working so we can better allocate our marketing budget. Over the last year, their management of our web efforts has paid off. We plan to continue using their analytic services to guide us in the right direction when it comes to internet advertising.
In planning the launch of our company’s website, we decided we wanted to do it right from the start. We have heard about SEO and how important it is, but didn’t know exactly how to optimize our website. The team at Powerhouse worked with our web design team in a collaborative effort to bring together our design and our need for functionality and visibility. Because we have a more B2B clientele, there were specific things they helped us work into our site that we hadn’t thought about. The Powerhouse team worked with us, and really took into account the designers’ need to keep the integrity of the site they had worked so long to build. I recommend Powerhouse Internet Marketing to many of the companies we deal with who are looking for ways to improve their website.
These days, social media is so important. But I didn’t know how to incorporate social media into my overall business strategy. I had a Facebook page, but really didn’t know what to do with it. After consulting with Powerhouse, I now have a social media plan that is working great! I am connecting with my current customers, and drawing in new customers. And they suggested I only needed Facebook and Pinterest, because that is what the majority of MY customers are likely to use. They taught me where to focus my energy, and it has done wonders for my business.
The SEO services provided by your firm have done wonders for our internet traffic. We appreciate all the hard work. We knew we weren’t getting the traffic we should have been getting, but we never realize just how many potential customers we were losing because they couldn’t find our website. Now that we are one of the top 5 search results for our keywords, we have seen a 150% increase in web traffic. It has been incredible. Thank you for all your hard work. We will definitely work with you in the future for any of our internet marketing needs.
I am very thankful that I found Powerhouse Marketing when I was looking for someone to help me with my PPC campaign. Their expert advice turned my campaign around. They continue to manage my PPC campaigns with impressive results. They have also helped me with improving my landing ages, so when people do click through one of my ads they are receiving a clear, consistent message. I appreciate everything they have done to improve my PPC campaigns.
When I decided I wanted to start selling my daylilies online, I didn’t know where to begin. I have been selling daylilies locally for years, and I have also had a website so people could find me. It has been recommended to me that I sell through my website the last year or two. I was hesitant to jump into online sales, because I wasn’t sure how it all worked with a shopping cart, accepting different payments, and determining shipping costs for different areas of the country. I also wanted to make sure transactions would be secure through my website. Powerhouse Internet Marketing was great. They made recommendations and taught me a lot, but ultimately let me make the decisions that were best for my business. They did a excellent job, and I have had nothing but success with my new online store.
The analytics services provided to me have kept me up to date about my website’s performance. I do not have the time to track what is going on with my website, my web traffic, my PPC programs, or my click through rates. But it is all very important information to the success of my business. Without the keen eye and expertise of the Powerhouse team, I would have to wade through all of the information myself, and hope I didn’t miss anything. I am more than satisfied with the professionalism of this company and will continue to leave them in charge of analyzing my online performance for the better.
Once I had my website “optimized” by another company, I thought I was done with worrying about web traffic. But to my surprise, nothing happened. I had a very small increase in web traffic, and had no increase in sales. A colleague recommended I contact Powerhouse Internet Marketing. They definitely know what they are doing. They did a lot more for my SEO than the previous company did, and they also discussed with me conversion rate optimization, which was a new concept to me. SEO is apparently not the final word on optimizing a website. CRO is also important, and the team at Powerhouse helped me to optimize my website for increased traffic as well as increased sales

We had to make sure we had a great website that was easy to find from the beginning. We had no time to waste on experimenting ourselves with SEO and CRO. With some of the horror stories we have heard about the Panda and Penguin updates, we didn’t want to have to worry about people being able to find our website. Because we provide services online, our website had to be easy to find and easy to read. Our web designers are great, but they sometimes focus more on the art of a website than they do the business of a website.

Your team was a great asset to our team. Getting our website up and running was stressful enough, but Powerhouse Internet Marketing took a lot of the stress out of having to make sure our website would be up to par. They reviewed our website and recommended some changes to make it more search engine friendly. They also made recommendations about our pay-per-click strategies and how we could improve them to better target our professional market.

They also recommended we enter into the world of social media, and we are reaping the benefits of that already. Connecting professionals is what we do, and using social media to do that has proven to be very successful. I appreciate all the hard work that went into making our website the best it can be. I have the team at Powerhouse to thank for that.

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