The Best Method for SEO is (and will always be) Content


The field of search engine optimization is always changing. Every time Google updates its algorithms, marketers scramble to adjust their tactics and strategies, hoping to make sure they benefit instead of lose out once the algorithm hits. Just watching the hysteria over the new "Mobilegeddon" update unfold is a perfect example.

But some things never change. No matter what updates Google or Bing implement to improve user experience, here’s an eternal truth: The best method for SEO will always be to focus on great content.

Why Content Matters

The more things change, the more they stay the same. If you look closely into the barrage of algorithm updates from Google in recent years, you’ll notice that no matter their focus – from punishing link buying to focusing on mobile and, in the future, possibly even ranking sites based on truth – the core of the update always revolves around content.

SEO-ContentWhy is that? Perhaps the best explanation is that above all, Google wants to improve and perfect user experience. The company’s ultimate goal is to offer the absolutely most relevant search results for any possible query. Relevance, of course, is based on nothing more than content and its accessibility. The more relevant the content, and the easier it is to read, the higher Google thinks it should rank.

But content also matters beyond on-page optimization. Marketers have known for a while now that an important factor used by Google to determine relevancy is how many other sites link to your pages.

Since Google’s Panda update began to penalize websites who engaged in link buying, these same marketers are searching for ways to strategically build links without landing in Google’s crosshairs. The solution: great content shares itself. The better content you offer your audience ,the more likely they’ll be to link to it on their site or share it on social media. Link building has become, and will continue to develop, into less distributing links and more building content that "shares itself."

That’s why the best method for SEO is, and will always be, to create great content. But how do you go about doing so? A great step is to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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