The Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Inbound Marketing.


Inbound marketing has forever changed the way that businesses must promote their products online. The concept behind inbound marketing is a relatively new one, born from the fact that the old ways of marketing, namely outbound marketing, have slowly lost a lot of their effectiveness over the decades. Nevertheless, some companies are making a big mistake with their blog posts, podcasts, videos, eBooks, eNewsletters, and other forms of inbound marketing.

They are putting quantity over quality.

Inbound MarketingIt is a shame because pumping out low quality blog posts is not the way to get one’s business noticed. As a matter of fact, the spirit of the behavior is very similar to the worst of outbound marketing: which is underestimating the customer’s intelligence. Inbound marketing became trendy because it was everything that outbound marketing was not. At its core, inbound marketing provides value to the consumer, providing them with useful information, giving them valuable entertainment, and sometimes masterfully doing both.

Consumers have more power now than they ever had. Back in the 1950’s, there were only three television channels. It is easy to understand how a ham-fisted approach could be popular back when consumers had so little choice. Likewise, it is easy to understand how the modern consumer has virtually no patience for any type of media that does not add value to their life. Some types of inbound marketing fall into that dreaded category of spam that is decried by consumers. Contact us to learn how to improve the quality of your inbound marketing campaign.

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