The Human Side of SEO

Google's algorithm

SEO has changed over the past few years to incorporate more human elements. When businesses create content, they now need to think beyond technical specifications and keywords. In this blog we’ll explain why it’s important to optimize your content for humans as well as search engines. 

Google’s algorithm is at the core of all SEO practices. The idea is to write your content in a way that will get you a good page rank on Google. But when Google caught on to what businesses were doing, they started to update its algorithm. Now, creating good content is just as important as adding the right keywords. 

Google's algorithmBusinesses need to find the balance where they create content that will improve their SEO and entertain users. According to a recent Search Engine Land article, you have to demonstrate to search engines that you create content which users are looking for:

"High performing content is a balance between users and search engines. Just as your content needs to quickly capture the attention of a user and clearly deliver value, search engines require the same consideration. Optimize your content and distribution channels to help search engines make connections between your content and the information your audience is searching for."

The question most business owners have at this point is: which is more important? You need to think of content creation as a process.

First, you need to write substantial content. You’re not just writing for the sake of writing, but rather to inform and engage your target audience. Once that’s done, you can optimize your content for SEO. Here’s where you have to focus on keywords, headlines, and other SEO elements. If you do all of these things correctly, then you’ll engage users, enhance your SEO, and increase your page rank on Google. 

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