The Importance of Keyword Research for Small Business SEO

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There are few things that impact small business SEO as much as keywords. If your business invests in SEO, then you should spend a lot of time on your keyword research.

Consistency is an important quality of an SEO campaign. You can’t just keep changing your keywords and other SEO elements, or else Google won’t know what to think of your business. Because of this, you’re essentially stuck with the keywords you chose at the beginning.

Since you know this ahead of time, it’s important to research your keywords before choosing them. In this sense, the success of your SEO campaign is determined long before you see any results. It all depends on the keywords you choose.

Inbound MarketingAs a general rule, it’s best to choose popular keywords that you can incorporate into many situations. According to a recent Search Engine People article, you want to include your keywords in as many pages of your site as possible:

"While it’s not going to be easy for you to influence Google into associating your brand name with a more commonly-searched keyword, the key to faring well in semantic search is performing great keyword research. Make sure to discover all the most common keyword variations and to incorporate them throughout the relevant pages of your site."

If your keywords are too specific, then you won’t be able to incorporate them into your content strategy. Try to choose ones that are flexible so you can find many relevant uses for them.

Oftentimes, businesses try improving their SEO when it’s already too late. The most important steps are at the beginning of your strategy planning when you choose your keywords. If you get this step right, however, then the rest of your SEO campaign will fall into place.

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