The Importance of Landing Pages Regarding SEO for E-Commerce

SEO for E-Commerce

Landing pages are one of the most important factors affecting SEO for e-commerce. Unfortunately, many businesses waste a great opportunity and don’t incorporate a landing page on their website. In this blog we’ll explain why they’re an essential component in online marketing. 

You can set up a landing page for a variety of reasons. If you have a lot to say about a particular product, then a landing page is great for compiling all your information. 

Moreover, you can set up a landing page to organize all your content. If you practice content marketing and already have a selection of blogs and articles, then you can add links to them on your page. 

Here’s the problem: many businesses let manufacturers set their landing pages up. According to a recent Practical ECommerce article, this is the equivalent to letting a competitor handle your marketing efforts: 

"Unfortunately, the bulk of small business ecommerce sites leave the creation of ideal landing pages to the manufacturers, which, in some cases, are your direct competitors. With a little effort, and some compelling product-in-use shots, though, these points of entry can help increase visibility, sharing, and overall conversions."

SEO for E-CommerceLanding pages are too important to let a manufacturer set them up. If you trust someone else with your landing page, then you better be sure that they’re an expert and want your business to succeed. 

The goal of landing pages is to convert leads and improve the customer experience. They’re an important step in completing the experience, rather than leaving customers at a dead-end. 

If your business already has a landing page, then check to make sure it has all the right elements. If not, then consider updating it to improve your online marketing efforts. 

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