The Undeniable Virtue of Google Virtual Tours for Local SEO


Throughout the years, small businesses have searched for the best ways to market their products and services to the local community. The internet, with its social media and other digital opportunities, has undeniably enhanced the possibilities, but there’s one thing many businesses still don’t take enough advantage of: Google Virtual Tours.

Most Google users know StreetView, the feature that allows visitors to Google Maps to go ground-level and actually view images of streets and storefronts. But virtual tours take the concept one step further: they offer a window into the interior of the store, fully showcasing the interior beauty of restaurants, art galleries, and other local businesses.

Why Does it Matter?

Local-SEOGoogle’s virtual tours are a great way to offer your audience an insight into your business. But they do more for your marketing: wanting to entice businesses to use virtual tours, Google ensures that search results for your business showcase pictures of the interior whenever they’re available.

We know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, so the more images you offer your audience, the better. Interior images of your business have also been shown to make a significant impact on your SEO efforts, especially when it comes to local seo. Google’s ways of determining which search results rank higher than others include pointers that businesses who offer a virtual tour rank higher than those who don’t.

In short, virtual tours are a crucial way to enhance your local search engine optimization efforts. Don’t be afraid of the effort, either; that’s what we’re here for! Contact us to let us help you get a virtual tour for your business and enjoy all the benefits.

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