Tips on Advertising on Twitter

Twitter-Ad Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that reaches billions of people of all niches. Tweets can carry up to 140 words. Twitter is similar to making money by blogging, with the added benefit of not needing to pay for hosting. To start advertising with Twitter, all you need is an internet connection and patience. People who advertise using Twitter usually tweet about their real life, giving others an idea of who you really are and what you’re interested in. You are a real person and Twitter followers appreciate that. Advertising on TwitterHere are a few tips on how to advertise on Twitter effectively:
  • If you have large number of subscribers on Twitter, advertisers in your niche who advertise about their products will help you out by re-tweeting. Be friendly and pleasant to everyone, but especially anyone who has the power to assist in building your business.
  • Follow people who use Twitter for the same reason as you, to get a higher click-through rate. It’s a good practice to return the favor by following everyone who follows you.
  • Advertisers are willing to hold contests using a popular Twitter account to reach their targeted audience. They want to receive feedback and thoughts about their products and services. This helps in creating brand awareness.
  • If you want to sell via Twitter, do a paid review about a particular product. This works especially if you are in the affiliate marketing niche. You always want to promote your affiliate products by sending promotional tweets about the products. It’s important to link to any affiliate product in your tweets and promote your own product with Twitter.
There are third-party websites to help you find followers, auto-reply when someone follows you and search for others with common interests. If you follow 3000 people, it becomes difficult to keep track of it all, however there is filter software that categorizes tweets to make this easier for you. If you’d like more information on how to use Twitter to your advantage, please contact us.

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