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After years of anticipating the explosion of mobile, it’s finally here. Mobile devices are now more popular than desktops in certain categories. We’ll explain how that impacts local search SEO in this blog.

We’ve all witnessed the growth of smartphones and tablets first-hand. It doesn’t really come as a shock as to how many people have an iPhone or Android smartphone.

What’s really surprising is how much people use them. In the context of online marketing, smartphones now play a more important role than desktops and laptops.

The reason behind this is the number of searches placed on mobile devices. According to a recent Business 2 Community article, most of Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices:

"As you may know already, 2014 was the year mobile traffic outpaced desktop traffic on the Internet. And 2015 isn’t showing any signs of a slowdown. Think about it. Last year the bulk of Internet traffic came from mobile devices, not desktops. Mobile searches are now happening more often than desktop searches. And mobile users are also far more likely to search for local businesses."

SEO TrafficMoreover, most local searches come from mobile devices, as opposed to desktops. There are plenty of reasons for this. People tend to search for local businesses, restaurants, and shops when they’re on-the-go.

This has major implications for local search SEO. In your strategy, you now need to make mobile a priority. Don’t worry as much about desktops and laptops since most of your traffic will come from smartphones and tablets.

The first step is making sure your website is mobile-friendly. Whether you use responsive design or have a separate mobile site, it’s important that prospective customers can find you on Google. If they can’t, then your business is missing out on a huge opportunity.

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