Why Every Marketer Needs a Google Analytics Tutorial

Google Analytics Tutorial Google Analytics is among the most powerful digital marketing tools on the entire internet. Yet, too many marketers still have only cursory knowledge of the software, if they have any knowledge about it at all. At Powerhouse Internet Marketing, we believe that for your business to succeed, you absolutely need to know how to operate and get reports from Google’s marketing powerhouse. In other words, you need a Google Analytics tutorial. Here’s why:

Web Analytics

First, the obvious: Google Analytics is the most comprehensive and powerful web analytics tool available. Here, you can check anything from monthly visitors and their origin to bounce rate, time on page, and much more. Even better, the software allows you to see these numbers both in traditional tables, and on on-site analytics that work especially well for visual learners.


Great Website ContentBut Google Analytics is capable of more than just web analytics. Through tracking URLs, you can begin to pull in success reports from your social media and email campaigns, helping you determine just how it all played into your marketing success. And with the magic of services like, you can have all your email campaigns and email data at one organized place. Of course, the software is also connected with Google’s AdWords, which brings your search engine marketing into the equation.


Finally, Google Analytics allows you to set up custom reports about all of the aspects above, delivered straight to your email inbox. Once you have a report set up, you can let the numbers come to you, organized in easy-to-digest tables and charts. Suddenly, you have a great overview of what worked and what didn’t in the past week or month, without having to open the software itself. These capabilities can make the difference between digital marketing success and failure. If you’re convinced, contact us! We’ll be happy to give you a Google Analytics tutorial and help you discover more of this powerful software’s features.

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