Why SEO Managers Align SEO and Social Media

SEO Managers

Any SEO manager knows that SEO and social media are closely related. For the best possible outcome, you need to combine your SEO and social media strategies. We’ll explain the benefits of that in this blog.

SEO ManagersSEO and social media are not mutually exclusive. If anything, they’re mutually beneficial. In other words, your SEO can improve your social media efforts and vice versa. 

If your social media posts get lots of likes and shares, for example, they’ll enhance your SEO. Google factors social media activity into your page rank.

Likewise, a good SEO campaign can increase the visibility of your social media accounts. Your increase in website traffic will eventually lead to more followers. 

According to a recent Forbes article, you should align your SEO and social media strategies: 

"Social media is sometimes seen as a separate entity, deserving of a separate strategy. While it can be used independently, it’s better if you use it in alignment with your SEO strategy so you can get the best of both worlds. With certain social media strategies, you’ll be able to improve your brand awareness through social channels and simultaneously increase your domain authority, which will get you to rank higher for user searches of all varieties."

A common problem we’ve seen is businesses keeping their SEO and social media strategies separate. As we explained earlier, the two practices affect each other whether you like it or not.

When you practice social media marketing, your focus should be on interacting with followers. If you can get them to like and share your posts, it’ll increase your visibility on social media. Moreover, the likes and shares will factor into your SEO.

We expect SEO and social media alignment to become more popular. If you practice online marketing, then you should look for opportunities to combine the two.

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