Why Visual Content is an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing Tool

Visual content is one of the most effective social media marketing tools there are. In this blog we’ll talk about the function and effect of visual content in the context of Facebook and Twitter. 

Many businesses are now placing their bets on content marketing. More specifically, they’re focusing their efforts on written content. 

Social Media Marketing ToolThere’s a good reason for this. Blogs and articles are cheap in terms of time and money and they make a big impact in online marketing. Whether your goal is to enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) or engage users, blogs will undoubtedly play a role in your strategy. 

But what we’re seeing now is the over-saturation of social media newsfeeds with written content. Because blogging is now a standard marketing practice, social media is filled with business’ blogs, and users are getting tired of them. 

You can stand out by posting visual content, as opposed to written articles. According to a recent Customer Think article, visual content enhances customer engagement: 

"If you recall looking down your Facebook & Twitter feeds during 2014, I’m sure it would have clicked your mind that how visual content prompted you to click through and influenced your purchase behavior. Without any doubt, visual content tends to attract eyeballs and hence enhances customer engagement to a great extent."

So rather than only posting blogs and articles, consider adding videos and images to your social media marketing mix. Not only will you engage visual learners, but you’ll also differentiate yourself from the mass of businesses that only post written content. 

We expect visual content to play an even greater role in 2015. Until creating videos is a standard practice like blogging, it’ll remain a great opportunity to market to your target audience and gain a competitive advantage. 

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