Why White Label SEO Service for Agencies is So Important


Let’s start with a lightning round: if you could only choose one, would you rather have your search engine optimization efforts create immediate result, or build slowly toward long-term success? It’s easy to choose the former, so let’s rephrase the question: would you rather emphasize short-term success with a risk of long-term failure over a strategy that builds sustainable success?

Phrased that way, it’s difficult not to choose the long-term approach.

In essence, that’s what white label (or white hat) vs. black label (or black hat) boils down to. The more we analyze the algorithm and methodologies of search engines like Google and Bing, the more we understand how they tick, and ultimately how to "beat" the system. Armed with that knowledge, it’s easy to do just that to get your website ranked higher.

So why even bother with a white label SEO service for agencies? In short, because its success is much more sustainable.

Organic SEOThe internet is littered with case stories of marketers who thought they were smarter than Google, engaging in black label tactics like link buying, keyword stuffing, hidden text or page cloaking. That tactic generally works, and shoots them up the search results.

Until Google catches wind, and releases an update to its algorithm that renders these tactics not only ineffective, but actively punishes their users.

The results can be dire: in more than one case, marketers actually went from page 1 of the search results all the way to unlisted in Google, meaning they had no chance of ever getting their page ranked again unless they made significant changes.

We can only imagine the lost revenue and permanent damage these companies encountered, which is why we believe in and advocate the use of white label SEO. By focusing on relevant content vs. keyword stuffing, organic link building vs. link buying, and so on, your SEO may be slower to improve – but its success will be much more sustainable.

For more information on how to ensure your SEO services can be sealed with a white label, contact us.

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