Why You Should Engage in Retargeting

Digital Advertising Networks

If you have a website, you likely have a steady amount of visitors. That’s especially true if you’ve already invested resources into tactics like SEO or content marketing, all of which are specifically designed to increase web visits.

But at the same time, many of the visitors don’t directly contact you, buy your products or fill out a form to become a lead. They’re simply browsing, looking around before deciding to go elsewhere. In fact, only 2 percent of most visitors actually convert into a lead or customer on their first visit. How do you reach the other 98 percent?

The answer: retargeting. It’s a tactic that involves a cookie on your website, which is transported to every user visiting your site. Now, that user is identifiable by Google, Facebook and other digital advertising networks, which allows marketers to target ads directly towards visitors who have been on the site before.

Digital Advertising NetworksPerhaps it’s easiest understood with an example. As a local whole foods store, you want to specifically reach visitors to your websites who have read your "about" page. These visitors are clearly interested into your philosophy and brand identity, so even if they haven’t purchased from you yet, they may want to know more information about you.

To reach them, you design a banner ad specifically for them, with a visual and copy that focuses on your basic values as a company. Because of the cookie their browser gathered up while they visited your page, the ad will be shown only to them. And because they’ve shown interest in your values, they’ll be more likely to be intrigued and keep you in mind next time they’re shopping for groceries.

Not surprisingly, retargeting is an incredibly targeted method of digital marketing that carries with it a much higher conversion rate than simply targeting banners and messages based on simple demographics. The technical aspect is a bit more technical – but that’s what we’re here for! Contact us to learn about the different retargeting methods that we can help you with.

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